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May 1, 2020 – STARE Magazine
Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI) is one of India’s top rated design schools known for its industry focused curriculum. The university has been known for providing students with the best of resources during the period of the 4 year courses and exposure through collaborations with industry experts. So to know about how they have adapted to the lockdown, we spoke to 5 final year ISDI students about COVID-19 and here is what they had to say. This includes the infamous Instagram page anonymously run by a student. 

In context to not having free access to Adobe softwares being one of the most essential resources to work from home for design students- “This is controversial. ISDI being a design school should have helped students in some way. But nevertheless, we do have guest seminars.” @thats_so_isdi . When asked about the quality of tutorials and critic sessions one of the students mentioned that sometimes there are technical issues but the faculty has done their best to help every student. Two other student’s response suggested that the tone of critics has taken a casual turn during this period and demotivating comments have been received making it harder for them to keep their minds stable and focused. “We still are students, young professionals, still learning and figuring our way out. Such comments and extreme late response from faculty leaves a child in stress. This needs to be regulated. Feedback on time is important which is not followed.” We went on to ask about mental health support provided by the university to which one of the student said “we can just share our mental health with the counselor provided by the uni. In this special case of lockdown however, not much has been done. And I don’t think that because of online classes university counselor can be arranged.” Others were unaware of any such facilities provided by the institute. All students have chosen to stay anonymous.

-Voice of students