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May 5, 2020 – STARE Magazine
TEXT Suhani Lotlikar 

Founded on the island of Mallorca, Studio 666 is a collective curated in part by Pau Mateu Sáez and Piero Molina promoting young artists around the globe. They recently launched a one-of-a-kind virtual exhibition collaborating with 20 different artists. Having met on a fragile crossroad; art, music and publications lovers Pau and Piero put together their experiences and brought another relationship to life. They are here to share with STARE their take on relationships and masculinity in today’s world through their photo series called Réplica.

The artists explain their artwork as- “an exploration of the over-romanticized approach on loyalty and possessiveness, through a dramatized recreation of both artists’ broken relationships.” Through the medium of photography, they are capturing the wave of emotions that run through oneself after a relationship has met its end. Even as they set the tone to be ‘dramatized’ the series distinctly take one to a heartfelt space of relatability. It studies the effect of one individual on another in the space of vulnerability.

“The contact between the subjects spells out the narrative of their relationships with each other and themselves.”

It explored various themes of ‘sexuality, masculinity and fragility’ leaving behind a sense of existence. As the youth culture all over the world explores new definitions of togetherness, artists like Pau and Piero are providing them with platforms to create and showcase.