Incredible Asian musicians to add to your 2021 playlist

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TEXT Shravani Singh

It’s a new year and it’s time to upgrade your boring 2020 playlist. So an addition of new musicians to your queue is essential to jam throughout this year full of hope, ambition and recovery. 

Since the past year has digressed from all things we considered ‘normal,’ it’s time we ventured into new genres; especially some remarkable Asian artists providing a plethora of good music. Check out these artists and discover some sultry R & B tracks, new tunes for your chill study sessions, catchy Rap beats and some indie melodies for salty summers.

1. Dhruv Sharma

Dhruv Sharma, commonly known as Dhruvie on Instagram is an upcoming voice in the music industry from Singapore. He continues to entertain fans while studying Data Science at Yale University. He has released several acoustic songs on Soundcloud and is currently working on an EP that centers around the intricacies of queer love.

 Suggested Songs: Double Take, Moonlight, Vulnerable

2. Alextbh

Source: Facebook

Alex is a pop and R & B Malaysian musician who initially studied Engineering before starting a career in music. Music served as an outlet of expression for him, a cathartic experience to release his pent up emotions. However he had to overcome numerous hardships, especially being one of the first openly gay musicians in Malaysia. But he has risen to become a pop icon touring extensively in South- East Asia.

Suggested Songs: Walls, Still Mine, Superstore

3. Lexie Liu

Leixie is a Chinese- American singer, rapper, and songwriter who bowled over linguistic barriers through her un-conforming, powerful, bold music. She is a signed singer with 88rising which is known for representing Asian talent such as NIKI and Joji. Liu smoothly transitions between English and Mandarin mixing elements of pop, R & B, and rap, creating some mind blowing music.
Suggested Songs: Metropolis, Manta, Love and Run

4. Rehma

Rehma Hassan is a Pakistani- American singer who dabbles into R & B and jazz tunes to create a powerful yet dreamy musical experience. Living in Chicago, she toured major cities in the USA, including NYC and LA to promote her latest track.

Suggested Songs: Mercy, Hit List, City

5. Khai Dreams

Khai is a fairly popular, Half- Vietnamese indie artist that transports you to a magical world and definitely an addition to your playlist. He has built himself a name in the indie genre, putting out melodic, lo-fi, feel-good tracks that are perfect for a chill day or study session.

Suggested Songs: Lost in You, Through and Through, Sunkissed

Let’s celebrate and support the brimming Asian Talent by adding these phenomenal artists to our playlists. Comment below if you like our list and share any more Asian musicians that you listen to.