Avantika and her India Story

TEXT Suhani Lotlikar 

The journey of a 17-year-old entrepreneur has resulted into an everlasting archive of historic Indian monuments.

17-year-old Avantika is the developer and founder of a new trending app called India Story. She is set on a quest to inspire her generation and the ones after to rediscover India’s history through the walls of tourist locations.

Avantika shares the beautiful memory of her visit to the Fort of Edinburgh with her father thinking how well the monument was preserved. But in her own country- India, there is a lack of effort to preserve old, historic locations. Taking matters into her own hands, she decided to create an audio archive of the history of the magnificent locations of India. And thus, India Story was created. She explored various tools such as GPS services and audio-navigation to create a prototype of the app. She then brought together a team of 30 history lovers and students to play the various roles such as writers, marketing experts, photographers and programmers.

Free to download on iOS and Android, the app also collaborated with various organizations of cultural walks and certified tour guides who can be contacted through their website. It’s as simple as three steps- download the app, allow access to your location services and start exploring. However, the pathway to being a young entrepreneur was not easy. The absence of a mentor, lack of trust on young minds, difficulty in fund management have all been huge problems for Avantika. She finally received seed funding from the Indian Angel Network which was the result of her participation in an incubation program called Young Entrepreneurs Academy. She is now working on incorporating religious tourism incorporated into the app. Avantika hopes to expand the app to include more cities and states, and thereby help the world experience India’s rich and diverse history. We stand by her journey and appreciate the effort of all those involved in the project along with her too.