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Blog – STARE Magazine

Sukanya Biswas: founder of ‘The Period Protection Project’

July 30, 2021

Editor Suhani Lotlikar spotlights Sukanya Biswas- founder of the Period Protection Project. The Period Protection Project is a youth organisation with...


Voices of STARE: Hype It Desi

March 7, 2021

TEXT Suhani LotlikarWith all the jazz around youngsters creating trends on social media platforms, we were bound to see something interesting from the...


Preferred Pronouns and what they mean

February 24, 2021

TEXT: Kanika JoshiEDITOR: Janhavi Khanna People have been writing pronouns in their social media bios all over the world. From Kamala Harris- the...


Topic of Discussion: Menstruation and PCOS

January 27, 2021

TEXT Kanika JoshiRemember when you were a nervous teenager going through body changes that didn’t make sense? Your body doing a 180 degree on yo...


Is Rural India well-represented in the Indian Media?

January 12, 2021

TEXT Isha ChincholkarEDITOR Suhani LotlikarHave you recently come across any rural issue headlining the front page? Social media users are vaguely inf...


All things you need to know about Studio 666, a collective for young artists

May 5, 2020

TEXT Suhani Lotlikar Founded on the island of Mallorca, Studio 666 is a collective curated in part by Pau Mateu Sáez and Piero Molina promoting young ...


In conversation with ISDI students: lockdown 3.0

May 1, 2020

Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI) is one of India’s top rated design schools known for its industry focused curriculum. The universi...


Photographer, Sculptor Allia Georges blurs the lines between the two art forms

March 21, 2020

And we are all in for the breathtaking, contemporary visuals.TEXT Suhani Lotlikar “It seems three dimensional works are usually the less preferr...


Avantika and her India Story

February 27, 2020

TEXT Suhani Lotlikar The journey of a 17-year-old entrepreneur has resulted into an everlasting archive of historic Indian monuments.17-year-old Avant...


Can the desi male body become the new western fantasy?

February 26, 2020

TEXT Dan Hastings-Narayanin Has the demand for a desi male body in mainstream culture led to the desexualization?When actor Kumail Nanjiani broke the ...


This March, Disney is giving us an all desi-show called ‘Mira, Royal Detective’

February 26, 2020

and we are digging the all brown cast featuring Jameela Jamil and Freida Pinto.TEXT Suhani Lotlikar At the end of the last decade, Disney showed us wh...