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TEXT Suhani Lotlikar

With all the jazz around youngsters creating trends on social media platforms, we were bound to see something interesting from the world’s largest young population. We came across Hypeitdesi a few months ago and have followed their journey from being a concept IG page to a registered LLP. To tell you a little bit about Hypeitdesi, it is a community of digital creators that represents Indian and Indo- Amercian South Asians. Along with representing 50 creators in their fours projects namely beats by desi, HXD, GLO’D and HIDxBizBoard; Founders Priyam and Muskan are here to tell us about what it is like to be a creator in 2021. 


STARE team: How did you come up with the idea of Hype It Desi?
Priyam Sharma: Hypeitdesi was born out of a revamp of my initial start-up idea called Mystory, my voice when the government banned TikTok. After testing its potential, we realized that there is a need for an original community where creators support each other, make content together and meet creators of similar niche as them. 



ST: How did you land on the name Hype It Desi for your brand?

PS: It was like a random phone call where I was speaking to a team member and said ‘the word “hype” is so trending what if we just add desi with it cause it makes it more relatable to our venture.’



ST: So Muskan, how were you introduced to HID?
Muskan Tyagi: Priyam introduced me to his idea of building a community where we are able to give a platform to the creators and where they can explore with others from the same field. I was so intrigued by the idea that I knew I wanted to be a part of it and contribute to it.

ST: How did GLO’D come to life?
MT: “GLO’D; Glow, Global and Desi” The name came to life when i was just thinking about the main characteristic I want my team to be remembered as, Glowing, Global and with a hint of Desi. GLO’D is a diverse community of enthusiastic fashion and beauty influencers not only national but international too. Keeping fashion and beauty our base, we experiment with different concepts and challenges every month.



ST: What are HID’s brand values?
PS: I would like to say these few words explain our values- Originality, Diversity, Well Rounded, and Cooperative.



ST: Why did you decide to work with content creators specifically?
PS: It was more like because they are trending, we want to work with them. We want to be original and by working with digital creators we are around a powerhouse of creativity and ideas.



ST: How has your journey been with HID?
MT: Getting up every day thinking that we have set up something that is meaningful and the responsibility that comes along with it does scare me sometimes but also at the same it challenges me to give my very best. 



ST: Where do you see GLO’D in a year from now? 
MT: Well as the name goes, glowing and global. Currently the base of national creators in GLO’D is very strong but we have only a few but talented creators from around the world. In a year from now I would like to see GLO’D set strong overseas too.



ST: How has your journey been from the day HID launched till now?
PS: Intense, challenging, anxious, overwhelming, fast, complex, screaming some days I want to  quit and take up on job offers. Someone who said ‘your business is like your baby,’ it really is and it is all I think about as if it is a part of me that I created



ST: How is your newest project- HXD shaping up?
PS: Baby steps, I am glad we represent some talented Indian and NRI South Asians. But personally I would like to thank Simran Kulkarni for being the face of the project and trusting us, and every other creator who is in with us for the project.



ST: What are HID’s future plans?
PS: Global reach of South Asian content creators.
MT: To help South Asian creators take over the world of digital content with their talent and originality. 



ST: Penny for your thoughts?
PS: You will have many burnouts but if you do, understanding you are doing it right. Distract yourself. Watch a movie, or listen to music. Don’t work 24/7. The most important thing I have learned is to understand and respect differences. Ask people what they want, communicate and confront as it is the key to resolving problems. Adapt to trends but make them your own— DO YOUR THING.